The Waters

Jesus walks with us through the storms of life. Sometimes we feel His presence and then sometimes when we may not. But it doesn’t mean He is not with us; and it doesn’t mean we are alone through the storm. We may be at our weakest, but He is our strengthener. What a comforting thought that we don’t have to go through this life alone because He is with us every step and every moment in our lives. We serve an amazing God who loves us so much even when we fail Him.


The Path to Salvation


Israel: Jerusalem – Via Dolorosa

A path that Jesus walked on, leading to the agony of His death, and carrying a 300 pound cross on His back. Flesh that was ripped by a whip, torn and scarred from the beating of soldiers. Bleeding painfully. His spirit in sorrow with the words of rejection from an unbelieving crowd. Mockery and persecution. The weight of the cross that knocked Him down and brought Him to His knees more than once to a ground of dirt. His mother, Blessed Mary, who came to lift Him up as a mother would do. A cross in which He would soon be crucified on, using three nails hammered repeatedly to His delicate hands and feet. Yet, He endured the pain and all its grief because He loves.

A path that is known as the Via Dolorosa meaning “Way of Grief, “Sorrowful Way,” or “Way of Suffering.” The One who not only suffered, but did it all for love and passion. He walked 650 yards, 1,950 feet, 37 miles to a hill known as Calvary. With 5,480 blows/lashes to the body, it is His stripes that heals us. He walked uphill, in the heat of the sun, carrying the weight of the cross and with a crown of thorns placed on His head. Not only drops of sweat rolled down His forehead, but drops of His sacred blood. Soon to be shed for us. Moments away from His death, where He would be sacrificed as the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, who would shed His precious blood on a wooden cross at the center point of a hill. In a moment before His death, as He hung on the cross, He continued to forgive those.

A path that led to His death. A death that one must not forget. A human being, Jesus,  who gave up His life for us to save us. God who gave up His only Son because He loves. Jesus, the One who desires for us to spend eternity with Him. Eternity. Forever. A permanent existence with HIM in His Heavenly Kingdom. This is the One and only God that passionately, completely and wholeheartedly loves us. He passionately endured the pain and the death so that we may have eternal life. He took His last breath for us. Jesus is His name. The name above all names.


Jesus changes…

                                 Seasons determine the changes.

Just like the colors of leaves.

Season of the leaves

The swirling and falling of leaves from trees.

The gentle landing of leaves upon the ground.

Where is Jesus?

He is everywhere even when He goes unnoticed.

In those times when we forget who breathes life into our oxygenated lungs, let it be the beauty of this majestic creation that reminds you who HE is.

The Creator of life.

The Author who writes our story.

When you feel empty, He fills.

When you feel alone, He comforts.

When you feel unloved, He loves.

When in doubt, He answers.

When you feel that you are not enough, He completes.

When you feel that you are going through the motions, He directs.

He changes you just as the leaves changes in a season.

He is the One who orchestrates.

Jesus determines the direction.

Know Him.

He waits.




Chosen by Jesus…

Broken, but repairable.

Shattered heart, but mended.

Crushed spirit, but lifted by the touch of His hands.

Emotional, but comforted by His strength and peace.

Feeling defeated, but conquered by Him.

The Lord will never leave you in a place of darkness.

He loves you so much.

He patiently waits for open hearts and a surrendered spirit.

He tears down walls, any barrier, and pursues for your heart.

Yes… YOUR heart.

wood light vacation picnic
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You are chosen by Him from the very beginning of time.

He knows you.

He wants the best for you.

And He will never ever let you down because HE is always good.




Dancing to His heartbeat…

woman standing by one foot and holding flare stick near trees
In silence, I listen for His heartbeat.
A heartbeat that dances with His heartbeat.
The heartbeat that beats with mine from the moment I was embedded in the womb.
 A heartbeat that continues to be resuscitated by the One who gives life.
The One who holds my heart in the palm of His hands. The hands that were nailed to the cross for all.
In this life, in this journey, our hearts dance to the sound of a heartbeat… Jesus’ heartbeat.
He brings life to a broken heart and crushed spirit.
He brings love to those craving for the need of love.
His heart is pure and holy.
He brings us to be sanctified to Him.
Dancing to His heartbeat from the beginning to the end.

Just Jesus…

The heart is a door to your spirit. Your heart speaks of the words contained.


The eyes are a window to your soul. The eyes tell all.

Your words speak life or death. Either they bear fruit or perish.

Knowing Jesus is a garden that one chooses to walk on. A field of fragrant flowers that never fades its fragrance and its vivid beauty. A garden of life and light is where you will find Him.

Life comes and it goes just like when the wind breezes through this earth.

It’s never too late to know who Jesus is. You will always be welcomed into His arms, being embraced by His love and care.

Let Him invade your heart with His unconditional love. And, let Him shed His light on you, covering you with His warmth.

Let your eyes meet His…only to fall in love with Him.

God only knows…


God understands what is in the heart and in thoughts, and loves just the same as yesterday.

God loves for who you are and who you are to become for you are so worthy.

God forgives all transgressions and pours them all in the depths of the deepest oceans.

God does not judge nor does He condemn for He also carries the cross on your back.

God sees you as His beautiful gem, without blemish, and only polished with shine and shimmer.

God treasures your hidden and darkest secrets, kept in a bottle, that can only be touched by Him.

God have collected all your tears that have dropped from the window of your eyes.

God will calm all your storms, and will walk with you in all your storms of life.

God accepts the person you were born to be now and forever.

God only knows YOU for He has made you free in His love.




A song of tears…

sad-alone-girl-facebook-cover-pictures (15)

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

The name that presses on my lips and exhales the whispers of your holy name.  The name above all names. The One who loves. The One who relentlessly forgives. The One who oversees all the mess and chaos of the old self and brings life to the new self. How undeserving I am, but you love me the same. It is by your wounds and bleeding heart that saves me from all that this world offers, oh temporary world… We live in this life preparing for the coming of the Lord, how glorious it will be to see your beautiful face. The light of world, the everlasting  presence of the One who hung on the cross, who emptied Himself and gave his life all for us… oh how undeserving I am. You have gently touched my, oh so fragile heart, and wiped all my tears away from my weary eyes. You have gently embraced me and covered me with warmth that soothes my soul. The soul that yearns for your love more and more. In those times where I forget myself, I cannot help to know that you exist in my life, and I am loved by the only One who can love me like no other being that covers this vastly earth. But you cover me with all I need… sufficiently and relentlessly. You cover me with your presence. A presence that stays and lights the way. Help me to fall deeper in love with you, to fall deeper in love. Where my hearts aches for you… life comes to those who calls on your name. Life comes to those who wait for you and find you. Fill my words, my empty words, with your love and grace. To know love is to be loved by the only One who loves since the beginning of time and until the end of time. I wait to see your face when you come for me. For now, my life is here in the earthy existence that was created by you and where you once walked on as a man, a holy man. Fill my heart with your whole heart and cover it with the rays of your light. Oh how much I love you… my chest presses against my heart only to be filled with your love. My eyes wilt to know how much you love me. Let me be who you have created me to be. Tears fall slowly on my aging skin, knowing that you love me and you will never leave me. My breath stops…suffocated by your love… to know that you came for us to save us. Resuscitated me back to life and breathed your presence into me, leaving me breathless for more of your unconditional love. If you never seek , you will never find.

“Listen to me, all who hope for deliverance- all who seek the Lord! Consider the rock from which you were cut, the quarry from which you were mined.”  Isaiah 51:1 NLT

Life with a purpose…

img_2248Finding myself asking the question… Lord, what is it that you want from me? Walking through valleys, the wilderness, the desert and isolated land, those are the times where uncertainty stirs within me and fog my thoughts. What is the Lord calling me to do? At times desperately wanting to know exactly what Jesus wants me to do in this life to better serve Him. Not wanting to miss the purpose He has for me on this earth. Not wanting to miss the call and then have regrets for not listening to His voice in obedience. Not fully understanding, but in His time it will be revealed what it is that Jesus has called me to do.

Then another thought enters my mind… life and death.  Life in which we physically live on this earth and take in what the earth offers or take in what Jesus offers. Then there is death, where our physical body literally dies and enters another way of living- eternal life with Jesus or eternal damnation with the enemy. When in this thought process, I know where I desire to be and that is with the One who gave me life, Jesus Christ. I also desire to fulfill God’s purpose while still living on this earth, so that, I could say at my final breath that I did what He called me to do and it was pleasing for Him.

Entering into a new chapter of my life in a few more weeks, I cannot help to question myself if this is what the Lord is calling me to do. Being surrounded by grief and death was the last thing on my mind in the things to do with my life. Questioning if this area in my life is something that the Lord desires from me. Excited but scared because I will be stepping out of comfort and into unfamiliar territory that is, walking among the land of the dead and mourning families. Am I ready for this call? Is this the life with a purpose? Only God knows the answers to all my questions. But I must trust Him in the process because this is where He reveals Himself in all His glory.


the_long_and_winding_road_by_theonlyraquel-500x375When walking along this path of uncertainty, wondering where this path will lead, I cannot help from sensing fear of the unknown. In hopes that the path in which is led will lead to a path that brings much peace. God, who is the teacher, is guiding us to know His ways and to receive His teaching of wisdom and clarity. Even though it may be difficult to accept this path and in trusting Him, that wherever this path leads is His very best. It is a path chosen by a teacher, Jesus, who passionately loves and cares. A path that will bring joy and a sense of His overpowering and warming peace which will blanket upon us.
He is the teacher that one longs for at some point in life. One moment of life where we reach a breaking point and must release. A point where we desperately need guidance, peace, strength and wisdom. The only teacher that can grant and provide is Jesus. So when a time comes where we must release, breathe and live life the way it was meant to live in Him, with Him and through Him, know that He knows everything that is before us. Trust His lead. And, He will bring you to a place where you will find peace because it will be a place of belonging.

The Journey…

IMG_0866The journey…

We live in a brief earthly existence. An existence that requires Jesus. When contemplating on the word “brief,” that word alone can be depressing. I am speaking for myself because I have had moments when in deep thought how brief life can be. I know it surely makes me think the briefness of life and how scary it can become when I am no longer walking on this earth.  But the reality is that there is eternal life with HIM. At some point in our lives, we must surrender and accept Jesus as our Savior.  Having to do life without Jesus is impossible for me now. My life without Him is completely meaningless and senseless. Life with Him is true living.

We live in a world of sin, messiness, brokenness, sickness, but know this- we are not alone because Jesus is walking right beside us through it all… the good and the not so good. HE is holding our hand made of flesh and bone and that itself is a comforting thought to know. To be held by hands where nails were once driven through, and bleed for our sake. A selfless act of love… who would refuse the privilege of holding His hand. We are not facing life alone because He promised that He would never leave us nor forsake us. His promised word is engraved and set on our hearts. And, He lights the fire for us when we finally give our lives to Him. Jesus just waits patiently. Having patience is not easy for the mere human. Imagine Jesus having patience beyond our comprehension… that’s pretty amazing.

It has now been five years when I gave my life to Jesus. Sometimes I wish I knew Him in those past years in the way I know Him now. Even though there is so much more to know of His character, He continues to love me just the same. It’s definitely an ongoing process knowing more of Him.

In all those years prior in which I lived floating through the motions of living a life without Him, I knew nothing. But with Him, I know something and that is, to have a utmost desire to spend eternity with Him.

In all my academic years, I attended private schools where I was exposed in learning about God. Little did I know that it takes a relationship with Him to really know Him at a deeper level and the most intimate one at that. Well, it had to take a trial- out of all the trials that I faced in my life, this one that I was facing at the time was about to break me to pieces and burn. To break me in ways that I never imagined it would break me. I was utterly broken and in the deepest despair. It broke me into small fragments where I found myself so very desperate… up to a point that I wanted to literally stop breathing in life. I cried with so much emotion. And yet, the only solution I came to was to stop living. The enemy had a pretty good grip of my life. He laughed at me and made me believe I was worthless and that no-one and God could ever love me the way I needed to be loved.

Where everyone I imagined would  finally convince me to move on with life, did not work. Where counseling failed because I still chose to do things my way. I finally came to the conclusion, it being my last resort … to surrender to Jesus and accept Him as my Savior.

Even though I would have conversations with Him, go to church and spend time in solitude and other things that I thought were solutions, I finally fell on my knees and cried out so hard that I was short of breath and asked Him with my final cry to help me. The cries for help that meant for me to live or die.

Unfortunately, it had to take a trial in my life to realize that I needed saving by the only One who can save. I realized that I needed Him at the age of 41. I wanted to knock myself out for wasting most of my life not knowing Him sooner. Thinking of the age I was at… I felt regret that I didn’t have a relationship with Him sooner. But in His goodness, it doesn’t matter to Him where we are in life, or the age we are at. He doesn’t discriminate. What matters most is that we come to realize that we need saving by the one and only true God- King Jesus. If only we allow Him to invade our hearts with His love, and willing to give our lives to Him…then things will change for us. We will began walking in a different light- His loving light.

Our lives will not be perfect because we will still have the not so good days or encounter displeasing situations. Know this…we are not facing it alone. He is right there with us whether we feel His presence or not. We have a perfect God who understands us, knows us and loves us so very much. We are His imperfect children, yet He loves us all the same. When we allow His love to pour into our fragile hearts then our hearts will overflow with His unconditional love. His love is the greatest of all. Take His heart and let Him take yours.

Remember, this journey that we walk is one that is traveled with Jesus by our side. Thank Jesus because He has you in His embrace.